Damola Akintunde (b.1996) is a Nigerian American photographer and visual communicator based in Durham, North Carolina. Her practice explores the self by constantly asking, “Who are we without the background noise?.” Through photography, she captures her narrative as a Black woman and lends her eye as a tool for others to align their self-perception with their physical presentation through portraiture of herself and others. Akintunde’s training in psychology and medical anthropology at UNC-Chapel Hill expanded her understanding of the human desire to be seen and influences her artistry to this day.

Her work has been featured in exhibitions across North Carolina, including The North Carolina Museum of Art and The Center for Visual Artists. She has also been published in The New York Times and Essence Magazine. As a proud member of The Beautiful Project, Black Women Photographers, Diversify Photo, and Women Photograph, she prioritizes collaborating and connecting with other communities that uplift the experiences of marginalized artists. 

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