A Space in this Body - Solo Photo Exhibition 


This exhibition is on view in Durham, North Carolina at Golden Belt Studios Building 2, October 18 - November 1, 2019. Join me for a public reception on Wednesday, October 23rd from 7pm - 9-pm.

A Space in This Body is a photo exhibition documenting the experiences of women of color in their connection to individual safe spaces.

Damola Akintunde aims to capture her subjects’ most vulnerable moments through stillness and truth. A Space in This Body comes to life as Damola explores her own plight as a first generation, Nigerian, Black woman living in America. She highlights the exhaustive efforts of how Black + Brown women carry themselves in public, as a form of self-preservation, while specifically recognizing the few spaces where they experience true solace.

A Space in This Body is an extension of Damola’s groundbreaking revelation that she offers to the many who will be graced by her work. She subtly challenges all who choose to participate to analyze their own form of self-preservation through literal space and intention.

Graphic by CoolandBrown

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